It's a Trilogy!

It's a Trilogy!

With the publication of A Deadly Concoction, the Tiggy Jones Mystery Series is now a trilogy. Three twisted and perplexing puzzles. Small town English mysteries with an edge – and a dog.

A Scrap of Silk follows the tangled mystery behind Tiggy’s inheritance of an English boathouse full of secrets and a dog who knows the truth. A Missing Signature puts Tiggy on the trail of a suspicious painting that’s so valuable others seem prepared to kill for it. A Deadly Concoction lands Tiggy with a bag of evidence from an anonymous source that suggests a string of mysterious deaths might have been murder.

All my books start with one sentence and not much more. The stories evolve as I write them. I learnt from writing the Selkie Moon series, where Selkie escapes her controlling husband to arrive as a newcomer in Honolulu, that making her ‘a stranger in town’ brought many extra possibilities for quirky characters and twisted plots.

Starting with A Scrap of Silk, I dropped Australian mystery author Antigone Jones into a well-known mystery trope: an inheritance from an unknown relative, in this case the grandmother she never knew, but I gave the trope a twist by making it an old boathouse located on the Exe Estuary in Devon, its history reaching back to the smuggling days. Tiggy also inherits her grandmother’s dog, Raider, who might have witnessed quite of few of the secrets that come with the boathouse and its locked cellar. Enter a range of local characters who want to check out the ‘blow-in’ and suddenly I had a tangled and perplexing puzzle to grapple with.

A Scrap of Silk also introduces Tiggy to the world beyond the ‘research’ involved in her novels. She begins to dabble in the ‘investigation’ of real mysteries that often delve into local superstition and folklore. In A Missing Signature and A Deadly Concoction, she ventures outside her remit as an author and discovers that research is usually safe but investigating real-life mysteries, especially those involving unexplained deaths, can be perilous.

If you fancy a reading binge, you’ll find the retail links for all three mysteries HERE. Enjoy!


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